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Is this a sedan or wagon you are looking at?

Another way to check the tranny is to back up a hill and see if it hesitates. Reverse is prone to go on these.

Maintenance records are very important. The head gasket will need to be done if it already hasn't been. You will see oil coming down the side of the block near the waterpump, or you will find oil in the coolant. I got about 180K miles out of mine before doing the head gasket. Mine only showed signs in the coolant.

Try all the window switches to make sure that they go up all the way. Also check that the antenna mast works and speakers work. Not that these are deal breakers but they could offer you some bargaining room.

I am not sure where you are located, but if the car is spotless, and he has records for the wiring harness and the head gasket, and the tranny is good, he might get something like $8K-9K for it. I think one just sold with 80K miles in perfect shape for over $10K.

On a side note, the wiring harness is not a definite failure item. Although almost definite. I say this because mine is original and has had no issues. I am loosing cruze control, or at least it is wavering. My mechanic told me it was something else I have opted not to repair.

Good luck! Hope you get a good deal. This is one of the best cars out there!
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