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I didn't see the 178K car, but I did see this one link 60K miles, 2 owners, sunbelt car, $8500. That seems to align well with asking prices I see for very low miles sedans on autotrader. Of course on ebay you can't be sure there wasn't shill bidding or that the transaction actually took place following the auction close.

Edit: OK, I see the wagon you are referring to. link Ebay shows the price in red, which means it did not sell. $6900 is the asking price. When looking at completed auctions, the price is shown in green if it sells, red if it does not.

I agree that wagons bring more than sedans, coupes and convertibles quite a bit more.

I am liking the numbers I tossed out earlier wrt a typical 124 sedan. Unless the condition is truly exceptional I don't see going higher in price. And unless it is owned by a real enthusiast that lavished far too much money and attention on it, it won't be in what I consider to be exceptional condition.

My $.02, but not worth that much...

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