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Leon Hernandez
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Hi folks, thanks for all the past help, hope this request is an easy one.
One of many symptoms, xmsn started to shift hard (more than usual), then the Climate control would route all the cold air thru the defrost vents and the defrost mode sent the air thru the center vents. Momentarily, when switching from defrost to normal the air would route thru the center vents(thinking cool!I can live with it) but then it would switch to the defrost vents!
Then on our trip home I stepped on the brakes and the car "felt" like it took off! No power brakes Yikes! We dropped off our grandson and parked the 85 300SD Turbo in the garage and turned the ignition off and yes it just kept chugging! But at least now I know the manual shutoff works!
My MB tech in Houston was chasing the shifting problem but said it would be about 3 hours because they had gotten into rabbit trails with the EGR. So I put it off due to time issues and left with fresh valve adjustments and a peppy car until now. So seasoned doctors of MB woes any clues? I'm thinking the vacuum pump bit the dust and performace Products has a rebuild kit for about 55 bucks or so. If that's it is it a hard task for a avg. shade tree tech? IF that's not it any other ideas? Apologize for the long thread and Thank all of you folks for making this a great source of help for many of us rookie MB owners. God Bless. LH
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