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As with any other W124, you have to be sure that the engine wiring harness problem has been solved on your future A124 (Cabriolet version of the W124 series).

Also, be sure to check the A/C and have a professional inspect it for possible evaporator failure.

Check that ALL power accessories work as they should, including the power top. It should operate quick, effortlessly and quietly.

If possible, check for water filtration, the canvas top around the window seals tend to leak under heavy rain.

Some 94/95 had major auto transmission problems. Be sure to drive the car and check for jerky operation or unsually hard upshifts.

The A124 is irrationally expensive in the U.S. Resale values for a 1995 usually wonder around the $45k neighborhood for very high mileage cars. In Germany, an inmaculate 95/96 E320 Cabrio will sell for $20,000.00+/- Another advantage is that you can also buy an E220 or an E200 4-cylinder cabrio (for much less money).

In terms of motoring pleasure, the A124 has no equal. The SL seats to low and is only a 2-seater. The CLK cabrio is cheap looking and too small. Forget about the BMW 3-series, it's just a toy for kids.

A low mileage, well-maintained A124 should make you very happy for many years to come.
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