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This is how it is on mine. This is a 4 cylinder so the manifold is different, also it is a UK right hand drive with battery on the left side of the car and brake booster on the right.

There is a white line from the big square part of the inlet manifold by the throttle housing which leads under the heater intake to the right side of the car and a Y piece behind the brake booster. One branch goes to a yellow plastic barrel (1 way valve?) then 3 black lines go off to headlamp levelling and the 2 transmission solenoid valves. The cold start delay one is close by and connects to the green transmission line which passes back under the heater housing to the left side. The E/S valve is on the left side of the car near the strut and connects to the red transmission line.

The white transmission line goes to the inlet manifold close to the cylinder head.

The only purple lines are headlamp levelling.

Email me for pics, I will check the colours of the wires.
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