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Smile Tensioner pulley....PICS...need input

Well guys and girls as most of you know last week I replaced my belt, idler pulley, and tensioner shock. Well I noticed when installing the new belt the tensioner pulley looked strange. Black strands on the outside that comes in contact with the belt and the metal is showing underneath. I thought maybe this was due to the belt previously on the car since it was seperating and what not. Any how my new two day old belt is showing small amounts of wear in strange spots that correlate with the tensioner pulley. I am looking for advise on what to do. I took it to the dealership and the senior mechanic says the tension is set correctly, but the tensioner is adjusted all the way and is suspect for replacement after next removal. I am thinking this is what I should do: Loosen the altenator, remove tensioner pulley, install new pulley and retighten the alt. Can I do this so as to avoid damage to my tensioner? Should I remove the idler pulley then remove tensioner pulley, install new TP and reinstall idler pulley? Here are some photos. I couldn't get a good position for taking the tensioner pulley but you can see the metal coming through. Thanks for you input.




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