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same thing on a 190E

I was just wondering how many bearings, what they look like and where they are located on the driveshaft for a 190E. I have the manual, and I would like to replace my bearings since I can hear one of them, or at least that's what I think it is, however, looking at the service manual, the pictures are kind of bad quality and when looking under the car, I have no idea what is where, or even if the bearing is there. Can someone shed some light for me on this? I have no rubber boots on the shaft, it goes from the tranny to the differential, it's made up of two parts joined with the two C shaped arms holding a disc, is that the bearing? The Flex discs look very good except one of them seems to have some kind of fabric trapped under the bolts, not sure what that is, but the point is I see nothing there resembling a bearing.

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