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I think $3k or $3.5K is too low. That's more typical for one with much higher mileage. 110k miles is low. If it's in good shape and has the big items covered harness replaced, gasket replaced or not leaking, transmission being rebuilt or sound), it should go for $5K or more, IMHO. Any less and it's a deal. I'd think it would not be out of place to buy it for as much as $6500 or so, if the condition and records are exceptional.

I don't think it can be compared to these cars with 170K miles on them. The cars last a long time, but 60K miles less is a big, big difference. At 15k miles a year that's 4 years of life difference.

The other thing to consider is your expectations. In some sense, a 150k mile car with harness, gasket and transmission all previously addressed could give you a lower cost to buy and maintain than one with 110k miles with the problems still to come. The question is how much you value those lower miles.

Incidentally, I just bought a 1994 S124 wagon, Anthracite/Grey, with 89k miles on it owned most of its life by the GM of a MB dealership. It's on its way to me. Photos look like the car was locked in a showroom for 19 years. Doesn't even look like it has the mileage on it that it does. Pretty excited about getting it. But, I also know I may be the owner to have to replace the head gasket and transmission on another 30k or 40k miles. However, we don't put much mileage on our cars. We could drive this for several years. We're taking the chance because they are very hard to come by with this mileage and condition.

Compared to a new car, it's nothing. I can have the transmission rebuilt and the head gasket done for the equivalent of 18 months of depreciation on my wife's 530xiT.

In our case, we wanted an S124 and just wanted the nicest one we could find but didn't want to pop for the $29k MB is asking for their 'classic' with 30k miles on it, and I don't like white. There is also a wagon with 87k on it in Florida for $13k. A bit high in my opinion. It's also white.

I'm also considering a 1995 E300D that has 92k on it and they are asking $7000 or so. I should grab it.

I think Smoke Silver is a great color, btw.


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