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Originally Posted by vstech View Post
Maybe we can start posting repairs done ONLY with coat hangers...
I'm going to win this contest so easily it's not even funny. We called it the danger ranger for a reason.

My favorite exchanges when I got it inspected:

"You can't do that! You can't braze brake lines!" Really? The home made 3/8" & 3/4" spring perch is MUCH stronger than the stock 3/16 stamped POS. The sleeved & brazed section of brake line (from 3/16"->1/4") was absolutely stronger than any other section of single-walled brake tubing on the truck. I got there didn't I?

The oak cab mounts? Yeah they ride rougher than the stock rubber ones, but something is better than nothing.

Yes my battery/starter/alternator cables are cut up jumper cables. Yes it's safe, they're 2ga and I soldered the ends. Yes I made the end lugs from copper water pipe.

On topic, the exhaust was welded using an acetylene torch and the coat hangers were the filler rod
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