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Originally Posted by Tanksowner View Post
Thanks for all your responses! It's greatly appreciated. I'm currently waiting for the owner to come up to New Hampshire to show it to me. Having enough experience with my own car, rust free never truly means rust free, but the owner never drove it in the winter, hence the lower mileage. Beyond that, I don't know a whole lot more about it in terms of the service records. Once I have pictures and a better idea about what's been done to it, I will pass it along.
These cars dont typically rust. The underneath is coated, the bottom panels are not metal, and the paint job is amazing on them. The only part of my car that has rust is the part that was replaced when I had an accident. I don't take particularly good care car washing wise either.

You said they are coming up to NH? Hello neighbor! I live in Barrington.
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