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Got back to job today. Got the driver side seat out quite easily because I was able to hammer the height track forward enough to expose studs.

More good news: I found about $8.73 in coins (plus a lot of other stuff) down below the seats!

Bad news - The rear floor pans looked good when I checked them out last Fall. But today I found quite a bit of rust. It seems that the plastic covers for the vac tubing and cables had vibrated and cut slots through the acoustic floor liner. Water had penetrated and the channels where the tubes/wires run were rusted (but not all way through).

I think I will strip all the floor covering (already done the front). Then repair the rusty channels with POR and perhaps some reinforcing mesh. Paint all floor pans, and finally apply Dynamat type insulation.

Carpets that I removed are grungy. Console sides panels are staying in, so I need to try and clean up carpet pieces and re-install or find some good matching carpet.
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