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How realistic is fixing the a/c? (83 300SD)

It has been over 100 here for the first time this year, so I was thinking about how tired I am of driving a car with no a/c.
I haven't done anything with the climate control at all on this car since I bought it, and it pretty much doesn't work at all. The fan doesnt do anything at all (I think someone tried to rewire it didnt do it right) and if you set the temperature all the way to hot the heater will work, or if you turn everything off the heater just turns on and off for no obvious reason. And it has probably been at least 20 years since the a/c was working. The only good thing is that I think other than the blower wiring there isnt actually anything missing.

My thought is that it would be at least $3k to fix, and require buying another car to drive while I fixed it, so I would be better off just selling it and buying something else that the a/c works already, but am I making it more complicated than it actually would be?
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