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Question Possible value of my recent purchase

Greetings all, i'm a first time Mercedes owner and I wanted to drop a line to inquire about how valueable my car may be. I just bought a 1990 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC Euro. It currently has a little over 97,000 kilometers on it. It is fully loaded, has the powered seat belt presenters, heated seats, blue leather interior, sunroof, electric rear sunshade (still works), and has the dual-tone horns on it. The car is white with a light grey lower trim. There are about 3 minor rust spots on it, which can be repaired in a body shop in about a week for under $1000. It has the 5.6 sohc motor, and the automatic transmission has the "Economy/Standard" switch on it. As for performance, the cars starts and runs like a dream and accellerates like a bat outta hell when you floor it. The car is currently in Misawa, Japan with me. I bought it from a Japanese national that wanted to get rid of it to buy a car with the steering wheel on the right side of the car like all other Japanese vehicles. I paid approx. $2,100.00 for the car. And that price isn't a misprint. So i'm just wondering what a car like this may be worth if I brought it back home to the states to sell it. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!...Thanks a bunch, and I hope to hear from you...........David.
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