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Well Benzmac,

It gets worse. Two weeks ago, I took the car in for the check engine light. Diagnosed as a faulty air pump. Get the car back and all seems fine. Mention to service mgr the car sounds a little rough in the morning on a cold start. Tells me to bring it back for a check.

Last monday, check engine light comes back on again...grumble. Had appointment to bring car in anyways. Later find out after calling the service mgr(do they ever call nowadays?) that the cams, rockers, and lifters are going to be replaced! Oh, and I get a new dash too... Egads!

Has anyone else gone through this before? My car is a '98 E430. One of the early builds (April 22, 1998), but certainly not the first!

They've had the car for a week, so hopefully, it will be okay after all this.

Apologies for the length of the message, but wanted to find out from others about their history with this motor...


Travis Ma
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