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Talking rear buzzing sound

Yep! Its your vacuum acting up due to some leak(s) in the system or leaks starting to occur. I made this point several times and got no real answers, so I sent my car in for a thorough check getting all the liners in the boot out, the rear deck and rear seat, the side floor panels and the whole dash. My tech found the real culprit was not the vacuum unit(cost A$1200 to replace....and easy solution, not the right one) ,but leaks in 2 seperate items. They were rubber diaphrams in some type of plastic holders found somewhere under the dash. They had torn due to frequent movement and hardening due to age and heat. The system now only makes a first buzz on turning the key and no more for the rest of the journey. Before the repair, it used to buzz for at least 10 minutes into the journey at about 1 sec quiet and 2 seconds buzz. Very annoying and definitely NOT NORMAL. Besides this, my rearheadrest refused to drop. Now its dropping without any fuss.
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