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Smile 124 impulse codes

After scouring my 124 CD manual, I have found only one document that details the use of the impulse counter for my X11/4 16-pole 1995 E320 sedan. "Testing the automatic climate control with the impulse conter" document 83-603 which tests the #7-pole.

I have built the DIY led code reader for $9.48 ( Thanks Arthur, Steve and JimF) and have have pulled a the codes. So cool!

Q: What other documents (in the CD) will provide me with diagnostic codes detailing the other pole locations?

If none exist, maybe someone can assist me in this case ?

This is for a 1995 E320 124.032
On the #6-pole I get a code #8
#7-pole = code #13 (Temp sensor coolant interruption?)
#8-pole = code #49
#14-pole = code #11

#10-pole had no blinks

Thanks to everyone who makes this site so great!

1995 E320

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