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Easy now..... Jim may have had in mind to keep the trunk open. If the car is in storage, this would be the logical thing to do.

Sunil, I had a bad bout of rodent damage on my Cutlass during the 18-month engine rebuild. I've stored cars for 28 years before experiencing rodent damage for the first time last year. I can recommend a few things. Looking back, a lot of damage to the interior could have been prevented by myself. For the first time I kept corn in the garage to feed the squirrels. Bad idea!!! I didn't keep it in a metal container. The mice had a huge party last winter. I still find piles of corn here and there in my garage!

For starters, keep any food or food residue out of the car. Keep food away from the nearby vicinity (garage). Don't park your car next to a corn silo! Good garage hygiene helps. If the car is in storage, this is just another reason to exercise your car once in a while. Take it on the road once a month. Any rodents in the car will get the hint a moving vehicle is not a good home. Lastly, put mothballs hare and there inside your car and roll the windows up. This'll help.

Rat poison is not my style. The creature may die inside your car. I think deterrence is a better plan. If there's one, there's more.

Once, while driving home, I had a mouse fall down from the passenger side dashboard while making a turn!.... sent a few shivers through my body! Parked the car with the doors ajar and the windows open...never saw it again!
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