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Update: It is a Bosch cap with numbers. I should have remembered as I replaced the cap and rotor (along with belts, hoses and water pump) when we got it last year. Anyway, I followed it to the #1 cylinder (pass front like you said).
Soo.. now comes the shocker, idle was 30 with and without vacuum, 3500 was about 45 both ways. Moving the dist far enough in one direction made it go below 20 and stumble badly, other than that no change.
I then followed the vacuum line to a little box on the driver front which I took to be the ignition control (Siemens 5kw6 144 ,004 545 5532). I thought it may be the problem and would be a good thing to have a spare of if it wasn't. I called the local parts store and they said $1200. Can this possibly be right? Are we talking about the same thing?
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