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Neil Richardson
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Re: Rear Fog Lights

Originally posted by John Plut
My question: Is this normal for MBZ to have one rear fog light only? The Volvo's I have owned always had two. John
Hi John.

I live in the UK but imported a LHD model from Germany. Consequently the rear fog light was on the wrong side. I bought the RHS side here in the UK, and then got a local garage to wire up the connectors from the LHS over the the RHS. As all the correct bits were in the light fitting, all I had to do was put the bulb in. It took the garage about 30 mins.

The company I deal with is called Lancaster Mercedes Benz (franchised), you would need to speak to the spare parts dept. Their phone is 0044 1992 514444 and their email is

I've given this address out to several people on the site, so they are used to getting calls from the US. Good luck.

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