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Theres a lot of misconceptions about the W201 around here. The 190e is a smaller version of the W124. All the moving parts are interchangeable between the two. It has no more issues than any W124.

The 190e 2.6 has a very tight engine bay. If you're ok with that its an excellent car. I use my 5 spd to travel up and and the west coast for several years. The interior is small even by sub compact standards. Many parts from that 1992 190e 2.6 5spd (transmission, struts, control arms, spindles, 400e brakes, steering wheel, gauges, sun visors, oh **** handles, etc) lived on in my 87 300D. Too bad I could not swap over the W201 climate control because its a far better design than the W124. Kjet sucks no matter what chassis its in. Eventually we got rid of the 2.6 and kept the 2.3 The M102 is far better suited for a small car doing most city driving. Megasquirt fixed its biggest flaw.
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