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Herr Doktor's Brake Advice:

Die Bremsen auf meinem W116 machten mich wütend!

We all know that we need to change our brake fluids, but I learned something recently on the old W116 that you might find of interest.

Since I changed my M/C when I replaced the front calipers, there was no problem with stroking the M/C the full length of its travel. I bled initially with a vacuum pump and finished up with a helper.

However, I then discovered that the dual piston (inboard & outboard) caliper is fed from the same side (INBOARD) as the bleeder screw is on!!!!

This means you NEVER flush the fluid out of the OUTBOARD chamber of the caliper.

Armed with 2 screwdrivers, I opened the bleeder and forced the outboard piston all the way in and was rewarded with the most murky trash I have ever seen in a system. Repeatedly, I would pump up the brakes and force the pistons back with the bleeders open until the fluid ran clear.

Not all Benz will have this type of caliper, but beware of those that do and bleed the outboard chambers, Front & Rear!!!!!


P.S. Yes, even a pressure bleeder will not evacuate the outboard chamber. You must force that piston back by hand with the bleeder open to purge it.
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