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I base my comments on the following facts:

1/ The evaporator on my 1995 E320T (last year of production) failed before the car was one year old and with only 6,000 kms. on the odometer. The M.B. dealer tech rep. commented that evaporator failure was common among all W124s as it also was on W140s. The evap in both series suffer from the same design problem.

2/ The 5-speed auto transmission on a E320 Cabriolet from someone I know failed at only 1,500 kms. (that is less than 1,000 miles). Again, the service rep. commented on a serious design fault built into 1993/4/5 5-speed auto transmissions installed to W124s. As it appears, if the transmission is going to fail, it will fail early in its life cycle.
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