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Where is my oil going?

Well, I guess I already know the answer to that question and it is on my driveway. The real question I would like answered is where is it coming from? I have noticed that I am very low on oil when I get it changed (every 3 months). I don't think I'm burning large amounts because I don't see any blue smoke. I do find oil spots on my driveway every once in a while but nothing too dramatic. Anyway, I have no signs of a blown head gasket except for being low on oil. Could there be a leak in the head gasket but show no signs of coolant problems? Any advice would be appreciated. And if anybody can pinpoint my problem even given my horrible description and vague details, could it be a DIY job?
Thanks in advance. Oh, I guess I should say this is on my 1988 300e.


88 300e
88 420sel
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