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Question repeating vac pump on 202? fused?

thanks to all for info.

i drove the 202 about 300 miles today. the vac pump repeat has increased in frequency, but not in duration. it fires approx every 15 seconds for about 2 seconds.

i checked the only thing that i had recently changed: the rear headrest which i had released to return to down position. i raised and released both sides several times to no avail.

the ventilation system seems to work correctly with the airflow changing to reflect the different flow distribution settings.

i also operated the central locking system several times from both the dash switch and with the key from outside.

does anyone know if it is possible to remove a fuse for the vac pump to defeat the system and still be able to operate the car?
i do understand that the ventilation sysem flaps would be affected.

any other ideas or info would be greatly appreciated. - benton
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