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If you are looking at this model from a collector's standpoint then I would recommend the '93 model year. This is the rarest of the three years as there were a limited number manufactured before the style change in '94. Depending upon the source of data you find, there were only between 258 and 699 of the '93 models brought into the US. Of course, this makes it more difficult to locate one, particularly in exceptional condition. It is possible... we searched for 1 and 1/2 years using the Internet (,,, etc.) and dealer contacts and actually made trips to 5 different states to look at the '93's that were for sale. Fortunately for you, our searching revealed that the best source for these cars seems to be the southern half of Florida and the time of year with the most available seem to be January and February.

I would agree that it is important to have the head gasket, AC system, and water pump checked during your pre-purchase inspection. In addition, I would suggest you watch how the power roof opens and closes. If the roof isn't adjusted properly there will be excessive wear marks, even possible cuts, in the canvas. Don't just assume that because of Starmark you will find a great car. The warranty doesn't apply to the condition of the body and interior. In fact, some of the worst dealership cars we saw in terms of body and interior wear were Starmarked.

The low $30's should get you a nice car that is truely solid and will give you many years of enjoyment and pleasure.

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