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Originally Posted by zeke View Post
Can anyone tell me the correct belt size for a OM616? I asked Roll guy, but he has been out of pocket. Hoping to get the install finished tomorrow if I can get the right belt
See Rollguy's quote below

Originally Posted by ROLLGUY View Post
Along with the above fastener update, I have found that the belt that was sent with the kits is too long. The 15385 belts I had were for the Gen 1 kit. The proper belt is a 15375 (one inch shorter). If your adjustment screw is all the way out, your belt is too long. The photo below is with the long belt:
Rollguy uses a standard American belt sizing. If you were using a Contitech belt in MM, I believe or guess the belt size would be around 13 x 960 or 13 x 965.
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