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Need Help - Star Diagnostics on a 98 E300D

I have been trying to run star diagnostics on my 1998 E300 Turbodiesel. I have used the laptop, software and multiplexer on my 2004 CLK 320 Cabriolet with great success.

On the 2004, I use the OBD-II connector and on the 1998, I have been using the 38 pin connector.

Everytime I try to talk to a control unit, I get an error that it can't connect. Am I using the right cable for this vehicle - do I have to provide additional power to the cable with the inline power connector - which is the cable from the laptop to the multiplexer and I am currently using the one without the inline power injector.

I haven't been able to connect to one control unit - the car runs, but does have a tranny code that needs to be cleared.

Can anyone help?
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