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Originally posted by A. Rosich
The transmission I am referring as having a tendency for early failure is the automatic 5-speed, which was available as an extra cost option in most markets, except the U.S.

This transmission was also available to the sedan and the wagon but ONLY on 6-cyl. gasoline engines (4-cyl. and all diesels only could be ordered with the 4-speed automatic as an extra cost option, -the 6-cyl. version could be ordered with either-).

The 5-speed automatic felt much quicker than the 4-speed automatic since it always started from standstill in first gear instead of second.

As I understand, the 5-speed manual transmission did not give any major problems, beside its long throw between gears and the heavy clutch the owners have to live with.
Thanks for the good information. I didn't know that the 5-speed automatic was available before 1997 in non-U.S. markets. I'm sure the 5-speed auto is definitely quicker than the 4-speed due to closer spacing of the gears.

Just a note - All 4 speed automatics after 1990 in the U.S. came with first gear start.
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