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I own 1987 190e 2.3
Fist of all,I must thank the mercedes shop staff, participants and helpful members for such a great forum.
I had a problem with my a/c, i kept getting alot of hot air thru the center vents as well as thw side vents. I meant it was hot and unbearable. None of the pust buttons worked, including the a/c button.
Now its almost summerttime and i dont know about u but when it hit the 90's there is no way to stay comfortable without some cold air or a cool breeze.
Anyway i posed my problem to mercedesshop and got some feedback.
You guy saved me a trip to the dealer, for a diagnostic.
Well let me say this you guy are "the best" sets of techs i have ever met.
A couple of mechanic in my neighborhood had been tryin to diagnose the probems for weeks.
Anyway it was a simple problem, i had a Vacum leak just like Benzmac, Larry, M.B.Doc, Lee, Steve, and others had been saying.
I went to Pepboys and got a small piece of vacum hose and Wahlah, i got cold air, all my push buttons worked and it got so cold i had to turn my a/c off and crack the windows.

Thank you
thank you
thank you

now only if u guys could help me to get a lil more horsepower out of my 190 2.3 1987.
I know about the sensor resistance but benzmac seems to be against that, he said it would interfere with your emmissions.

thanks for getting me back my

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