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Well it looks like someone has ripped out a load of stuff!

The purple line in pic 1 will be part of the headlamp levelling and should run from the dash to the left side lamp.

Pic 2 shows where the E/S solenoid should be, on my car the wires in that connector are brown and black with purple tracer. The black/purple one should go live with the ignition switched on and the E/S switch set to E and stay dead when S selected

The cold start upshift delay solenoid should be just to the right of the yellow valves in pic 3 with a black line from the yellow non return valve and a green line to the transmission - looks like that's missing too.

For diagram and pics email me through the board.

My guess is that someone removed this lot to disable the highly irritating cold start upshift delay feature, but didn't know what they were doing and went too far!
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