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If you decide it is the head gasket, before you tear it apart, you might try some radiator sealant. About two years ago I found the slow coolant leak on my '97 E300D. It looked like the block behind the exhaust manifolds were coated with bird droppings where the coolant leaking from the head gasket had splashed around and evaporated. I removed about a quart of cold coolant, mixed in about 3 to 4 oz. of plain old BarsLeaks, shook it up and let it settle a couple of minutes, and poured 3/4 of the mix back in the reservoir. The heavy particles settle out quickly and I left them in the remaining unused coolant. I drove the car for about 1/2 hour to heat the engine up and let the coolant pressure seal the leak. The head gasket leak is gone and I have stop leak circulating, in case it is tempted to misbehave again.
'97 E 300 D
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