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Before you change the Oil you can dump something like Marvel Mystery Oil into the Cylinders (on by way of the Glow Plugs or Injector holes; if the Injectors you can pool more inside but have to replace the Heat Shields) and let it soak for a week. Rotate the Engine and repeat.

Crank the Engine an blow out any excess left in the Cylinders. Do the Oil Change and go for a hard rid on the Freeway. If load up with some of your heavier weighted Friends for the ride.
The Goal is to free up any sticking Piston Rings.

Others have said that switching to synthetic Motor Oil will do that same after about but it take about 200-300 miles to get the results. Again, this only works if sticking Piston Rings are the cause.

Other wise Blow-by is just nuisance unless so much pressure builds up that it effects the Vacuum Shutoff of your Fuel Injection Pump or blows out a Seal
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