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I thought that this statement on Roy's site said quite a bit. This is what was posted in reply to the post telling everyone to visit this site (On Roy's site) - I also thought it addressed my previous statement regarding Lee's comments.........


"Ok I 've been, I've seen, and I'm less than impressed.

hmm lets see - you've gotta register to enter the forums, and if your MB is older than '80, or not factory spec, forget it. That, and the generally 'superior' attitude of the 'tech's pretty much rule out the site'susefullness.

Oh - This was the second post I've seen directly advertising 'the other place' - it a crass, rude, and generally obnoxious concept, and I make a point of never shopping / using businesses that take a dig at the competition - its a really old business adage that you dont knock your competititors, or the customer will start asking questions about YOUR products....take the hint, and dont advertise here again."

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