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enrichment circuit always running

No, my enrichment circuit is not always running because I can disconnect the cold start injector and the eha completely and I get no improvement.

I am very interested to see if the H8D plugs make a difference. I hope xp190 posts after replacing them.

BTW, xp190, does your car lack power all the time or does it just hesitate when the eha current is low? Mine lacks power all the time and even manually adjusting the eha current will not make it run better. I can make it run worse, though with a large positive current. So I am beginning to think the problem is in my fuel distributor, or maybe it is in one of the fuel injectors that I did not replace, or maybe my intake valves are leaking some compression back toward the intake manifold, therefore causing the next intake stroke to suck already furned fuel into the chamber.??

Also, there are 4 screws on the bottom of the fuel distributor that let you get more power even if your eha has 0 current all the time. These adjust default air fuel mixture. I haven't done it but i know somwone who has.

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