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I was in Roy Fields the other day, the actual shop, not the web site. Roy informed me that they are working on the site right now, they were changing servers or something like that. I do have to say that he does GREAT work and has saved me lots of money many times. They are straight forward and do not BS around. Just last week I wanted to purchase new injectors from him, but he insisted that I use the Lubry-Moly Diesel Purge first, then if I had problems he wanted to test each injector (at no cost), before he would sell me new injectors. Sure enough the diesel purge did the trick. I think any other shops would have let me buy the injectors and left it at that.
There are also other times in which I want to do the work myself and he walks me through the procedure to make sure I understand what I am doing and also that it is done right.
Roy Fields shop does the BEST work in Maryland, but this site is the best web-site, bar none.
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