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Light bulb interchangeability question.

Does anyone know of a comprehensive resource for data on light bulbs from different suppliers. My situation is this-I'm about to embark on a multi-hour foray into the dash of my current daily driver (Volvo 850) to replace a $2 bulb in the instrument cluster. I'm planning to replace all of the bulbs which are constantly illuminated. They are GE designation W3W (wedge-base 3 watt I'm assuming). The issue is I would like to use one of the bulbs which are touted as having 2 -4X the life of normal bulbs so as to minimize the likelihood of ever having to do it again. The Sylvania 194XL is physically identical but no info is listed either on the card or the application guide as to the wattage. I've noticed this trend towards less and less actual technical info on many products (though what is there is in multiple languages). At the same time, in the case of automotive lighting products, there's been an explosion in the number of configurations etc. Any information is appreciated.

As always, TIA and Happy New Year!
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