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Originally posted by abalto:
I thought that this statement on Roy's site said quite a bit...
This was the second post I've seen directly advertising 'the other place' - it a crass, rude, and generally obnoxious concept, and I make a point of never shopping / using businesses that take a dig at the competition - its a really old business adage that you dont knock your competititors, or the customer will start asking questions about YOUR products....take the hint, and dont advertise here again."

Just as a point of clarification, neither Benzmac, Lee, myself or any of the MercedesShop team have EVER posted any message on the Roy Fields site. We certainly would not knock any of our competitors. There is absolutely no benefit in using negative advertising. "People who live in glass houses..." Our best advertising comes from word of mouth referrals from our Shop Forum members.

Our "formula" is simple:

1) We strive to attract the best Techs and moderators to contribute to our site by making it an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for them.

2) Our moderators try to ensure that all questions get answered promptly.

3) By having the best Techs and moderators available and answering questions promptly, we attract numerous members to our Shop Forum.

4) Because we have relatively high traffic on our site (10,000 - 14,000 page requests per day) we are fortunate enough to attract advertisers such as Tire Rack and Meguiar's to help sponsor our site.

5) Rather than charge a membership fee for our members to access the wealth of information stored on our site we have chosen to make it available for free. To offset this cost we sell parts in PartsShop.

Our thanks go out to each and every Shop Forum member for helping to keep MercedesShop up and operating. As long as you continue to support us we will continue to be here for you!

Bill Wood - Webmaster, LLC
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