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Question Sunroof cable replacement? (W123)


I figured that I might get some reply here...

I need to replace the sunroof cable and I have read members saying that it's really easy. Has anyone really done it for the W123 Coupe though?

I am thinking that procedure is really as 'easy' as:

1. Use some sort of thin screwdriver and pop the sunroof liner open? I can't open my sunroof at all though... do I even have to?

2. unscrew a nut that holds the sunroof cable.
3. Pull the cable out from the trunk
4. Lube the new one and feed it back through the cable tube
5. Feed the cable into the motor and run the motor
6. Adjust it and put everything back together.

Is that really it?

I also have some questions while at it.

Hopefully some techs could help me out...

please see my thread..
What are these misc. things in the trunk? ..and.. some sunroof motor Q?s

Thank you all

Happy New Year!
2008 BMW 335i Coupe
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