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First Post

Hey guys, I've been referencing peach parts forums so much lately for help with my Benz I figured it was only logical to make an account! First Post!

I apologize for any future breaches in forum protocol I may commit.

Anyway, I just bought myself a 1987 300d and I may be having a related issue. Anyone know the diagnosis for why my OVP blows the 10A fuse as soon as it's "plugged in"? My Tach and Clock are both dead in the water, I pulled the instrument cluster and verified that they're each getting 12V and checked the strip ground across the cluster. Is it likely the tach and clock are both internally fried? To the best of my knowledge all fuses and relays should be functional. Ideas?

ABS doesn't work either but that's fine with me I never liked ABS.

Could the OVP be the culprit?
As I said both clock and tach are getting 12V so I'm skeptical about it being the OVP but hey the fuse is and was blown so who knows.

Someone said the alternator my be faulty and providing too much current which "trips" the OVP. I will check voltage coming in with my multimeter in the morning. If it's getting that good 12V's should I just bight the bullet and buy another OVP or rip it to shreds any chance of fixing it?

Any help would be appreciated!

Also anyone have a trick for getting to the ground connections behind the instrument cluster save pulling the dash? The driver side vent causes an obstruction.
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