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Just finished mine last weekend ,never done the service before ,looked pretty straight forward,the trick I used to pull that e-clip that rides at the end of the axle inside the rearend was a piece of wire ,found the wire on the help isle at the parts store ,has to be thin enough to get through the small hole at the end of the clip ,string it thru the opening then take both ends with needle nose pliers and pull ,like yanking a tooth, what I like about this step is your not looking around for this little clip if it decides to sail off a pair of needle nose pliers whilst yanking,Kind of a berch to get back in .Youll have to get the whole rearend up in the air ,just use good tire chaulks and 4 jack stands ,2 is not enough steadiness for me.The car will need to be put in neutral so you can spin the axle back and forth to get a good view to pull these clips ,its the biggest challenge of the whole job in my book. $69.99 each at Advanced Auto Parts .CHINA ,Chore Hidden Inside Neatly Added.
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