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Originally posted by George:
Originally posted by LarryBible:
Since all this started after work under the hood, has someone checked all the vacuam and electrical connections to ensure that nothing was knocked loose in the course of the other work?

Good luck,

Good suggestion ... I did take a close look at the engine trying to trace the leak, but not fosucing as much on the wiring ... I will take another look today to see if I have a loose connection somewhere.


You are a genius I put my detective hat on and looked for a loose connection focusing mainly on the air pump and oxygen sensor assembly. Guess what?? the oxygen sensor connector, the end at the front of the engine on the top right hand side (round connector), was unplugged. I was amazed when I saw it I connected it back in seconds and voila no surging of the engine, no acceleration problems and my mileage went back up to 28-29 mi/gallon I have to tell you it was such a great feeling to find such a simple fixe that within few seconds brought this car back to life thanks so much for the suggestion I would never have thought of it myself simple yet elegant!

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions ... you have been a great help!


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