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Normal? Thats a good question. The control unit has mapped responses for every situation? Infinite?

A while ago I wrote an article about BMW transmissions: In it there are scope patterns for the wheel speed signals that the trans recieves. It uses them for purposes described. There is also a scope pattern of the four sensors while the car is in a full lock turn at a couple mph in our parking lot.

If you view the difference in wheel speeds that are possible during normal activity and try to pick faulty locks ups from them there are mistakes made. I can make almost every car do the studder step coming off my alignment lift at a slight angle so I hit the drop off one wheel at a time. The change in acceleration screws with the a braking attempt at the same time.

I believe that the event is improper, its a mistake, if it happened above 6mph it would be recognized by the self diagnostics and the light turned on and the system deactivated. It doesn't cause problems and I'm sure if given the time I could make any car do it. Cars with sensors that are getting bad have this show up as the first sign. Next the light comes on every few drives. I advise you fix it when it bothers you or when the light starts coming on.

Some say defects in safety systems always should be dealt with, this one is a tough call.
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