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Originally Posted by BenzDieselTuner View Post
once upon a time, long ago, like 10 years ago when i was a beginner, i lived in oklahoma for a year, driving deliveries in oklahoma city, living outside of town.......out there they sell kerosene at the pump, never in south florida.......anyways, i used to buy it, to use to cut my wvo a bit, until i learned that it has a much lower energy content than diesel, even lower than wvo, and all i was accomplishing was costing myself MPG......then i switched to diesel, until i learned the hard way about mixing wvo with diesel long term, when the fuel goes through a temp change, like at night, all the parafin comes out, and makes a slimy mess.....which eventually starts filling your canister filters real quick, like 300 miles then when i finally smartened up, and started using gas, no it is a straight "solvent" with no waxes or other content, and does have more energy than the wvo......nowadays, i take it a step further, and collect peoples old stale gas (lots of boats and rvs and equipment in south florida) for free, and use this, letting the phase separation and crud settle first, and then mixing it with the wvo 20% in the barrels, it seems to also make all the gooey crud from the wvo settle out to the bottom really well, after a few far its been 25 gal. old gas last time, and it wasnt even that was old, but someone could have run it in a generator or somehthing, not like some of the old gas i'v been offered......i obviously dont use bright-orange honey syrup old gas thats totally done for.....
About 15 years ago, I got into the WVO/'Benz hobby using the Lovecraft and other systems in my cars. I soon learned that all that plumbing, heaters, extra tanks and electronics are just not necessary. I learned about "solvent thinning" fron a message board, and have been doing it since. My brother made the switch from gas to Diesel vehicles about 10 years ago as well, and both of us have been using the solvent thinning method for our fuel. Between our various Diesel vehicles, we have several HUNDRED THOUSAND (mostly trouble free) miles running WVO/RUG (pump and stale). I too get most of my gas for free (from a lawnmower shop), and it works great. The problems have been very few (mostly filter), and can be attributed only to our own stupidity, and not the process. As far as I am concerned, blending WVO/RUG is the safest, easiest, most economical, most environmentally friendly Diesel alternative fuel available. With the exception of an added electric pump, I am not interested in using any kind of equipment to filter, heat, store or switch over to run WVO in any of my vehicles. With solvent thinning, none of that is necessary. The hundreds of thousands of miles have proven that.....Rich
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