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My pushbutton unit is a rebuilt model. I am trying to troubleshoot the system. For two days recently, my fan clutch indicated its demise by allowing my car to overheat.

At teh outset of a weekend trip, I noticed that the A/C gave marm air and noticed that the temp was approaching 120C. The compressor Control Unit did what it was supposed to, and cut off teh compressor. When we reached highway speeds moments later, the A/C came back. After many miles, the compressor stopped, though the temp guage read 90-100C. Even after the car cooled, the compressor would not re-engage.

It has been suggested to me that the Compressor Control Unit may be failing, though I suspect the PBU as well.

The PBU Tech said that repair shops have a test that a jumper is placed between two terminals on the CCU to bypass the compressor cut-outs for both heat and flywheel speed.

Does anyone have this procedure... Or any suggestions?

Many Thanks!

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