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If you buy it and change your mind, you should be able to get $7k from the dealer for it, if that's what they're offering him.

I drove a 190E 2.6 for a few days as a loaner car while my car was getting worked on. I think it was a 1990, but I'm not sure. It had a lot wrong with it, but that might have been due to high mileage. The odometer was broken. There was heat always coming out some of the vents. I had to run the AC with the sunroof open to compensate. The sunroof didn't work properly either. But that's all just that one particular car. I don't know if those problems are common for the model.

It was a fun car for a few days, much faster than my 300SD. But personally, I don't care for the small cars. They're not as safe or as comfortable. I'd rather get in an accident in a heavier car. But that's just my personal preference.

It's always a good deal when you can get a car for the same price as a dealer would pay! I don't think you have much to lose besides sales tax and registration. I'd say go for it if you know you like the model. Good luck!

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