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As you are interested in S600, I will concentrate on S600 ONLY, as there are some differences between all W140 models.

Name changed in 1994. 1992-1993 is called 600SEL, and 1994 model year on is called S600....All W140 model gets Monotone paint job from 1997 and on....anything before that has 2-tone paint job. The same goes to all other models except C-Class and 1996 E-Class, which has mono-paint job at the first place.

1995 and on S600 has 2-tone full leather interior(Black/grey, Grey/light, and Parchment/light parchment). 1995 and on gets minor facelift with updated front headlights, taillights, different bumper, side mountings. Minor update in interior with new cluster, head unit(radio), and new shift gate/shift knobs. Inside centre mirror no longer power operate after mid-1995, but has auto dim feature. And ASR can be switched off with console button. 1996 model year S600s no longer has parking guides that extended from rear fenders when in reverse, new A/C control in mid-to-late 1996 models and new side-mirrors, all 1996+ S600 has 5-speed auto tranny. 1997 and on W140 gets monotone paint, 6-spoke wheel, updated taillights(orange turn signals became clear with orage bulbs). Rain-sensor and ESP standard on 1997+ S600s. Parktronic became optional, and Xenon light became optional in late 1997.

Also, HP rate has decreased a little(not a big deal)from late 1993 on. 1992 models has 408hp, 1993 to mid-1993 has 402hp, and 1994 on has 389hp.

Run through the history of the car, make sure there are no major damage done to the car. Also check the service history and see what components have been changed. It might save you big bucks later on...

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