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Originally posted by stevebfl:
I would think that the spreader would be necessary. We built one ourselve out of half inch think steel and and old puller. I can't imagine getting enough spacers in thecarrier preload with the room given by stretching. It will come apart though. If you acn get the original pack back in with the original bearings then use the same stack and try it. Your preload will be close enough and you will just have to move shim thicknesses to get your back lash.

As to pinion seals, I use a chiesel to mark a line across the shaft and nut. On reassembly I tighten till the marks line up assuring no futher crush.

I have had luck doing that. It should be noted that many diff. leaks that are blamed on seals and gaskets are caused by an often over-looked plugged vent pipe.

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