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Originally Posted by BodhiBenz1987 View Post
I used Epifanes Clear Marine Varnish ... and a lot of patience. I did about 8 coats, waiting a day between coats. I used an HVLP gun and just did a thin coat at a time ... it flows out great. My painting skills aren't the best but it basically self-levelled. The biggest problem was dust. I did my best to keep dust away (made a little drying booth) but ended up with a couple bits anyway (esp. since it dries so slowly). After each coat cured I scuffed it up with sandpaper and added another layer, then wait more, repeat. It builds really well and has lasted ... I live where it gets below 0 in the winter and can hit 115 in the summer but it still looks great after four years.
I don't have any way of spraying that, do you think I'd be successful brushing it on?
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