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Originally posted by ILUVMILS
Consider this possibility. At very low speeds, such as backing out of a driveway covered with ice, if all wheels lock up simultaneously the computer thinks the vehicle is stopped! I've been able to demonstrarte this many times on a variety of MB's. The two things necessary for this to occur are 1. Vehicle speed is low(<5mph). 2. The road surface is sheer ice! When we have these conditions in my neck of the woods, I make it a point to show my trainees that this is possible.
I've noticed this many times. I believe a minimum speed threshold has to be crossed before ABS is active.

ABS in reverse? Can't verify in an MB, but I recently slid backwards down a very steep icy hill in an ABS-equipped Ford Expedition and can verify it's activation in reverse. I can also verify that once 5,500 lbs. of truck decides to slide backwards, a pair of Depends comes in handy.
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