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Thanks for taking a look at my question! I'll try to clarify a bit.

I rolled down the hill at speeds under 10 mph. I'm in Florida, so it wasn't exactly a mountain or anything. I was trying to cover the 3 miles home without putting any undue stress on the engine considering the water pump wasn't turning. This meant driving for 2 or 3 minutes, and then waiting for 45 for it to cool with the hood open. A few cycles and I made it home.

The noise wasn't present before the belt problem, which makes me wonder if a shard of that belt is stuck somewhere and that's where the tap comes from. It doesn't sound metallic at all, and it doesn't vary with engine speed.

Thinking about it more, it seems proportional to wheel speed, and I'll pull the wheels this weekend to see if something may have flown in there when the belt gave up.

I've been under the car, and nothing obvious is broken. No new leaks since then, and the oil looks normal after that incident as well. My primary concern was not overheating the motor and damaging a head gasket or internal bearings.

The car runs, shifts, and drives just like it did before... which is to say the powertrain is great. No pulls or anything like that, and I haven't noticed any difference in corners.

Thanks again for helping me sort this out!
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